Anning-Johnson’s comprehensive dedication to safety is second to none. Our Safety Program exceeds OSHA standards. It meets the challenge of safety in many ways. Our foremen have all taken the 30 Hour OSHA course. Our foremen work with their crews every morning to conduct a Safety Huddle to avoid unsafe practices and a Warm Up program to prevent injuries. We hold quarterly foremen meetings about safety. We conduct weekly documented inspections of work sites and maintain a written disciplinary policy on safety. We have two full-time safety directors on staff to ensure that everyone, from the foremen to the carpenters to our apprentices, stays sharp and ready to handle any safety issue that may arise on the job.


From the Playbook

At the 2015 Penta Safety Kick Off Rally, the Las Vegas district was awarded the subcontractor of the year award. April 2015.



Safety Fair Provides Reminders

All Los Angeles foremen and leadmen attended a training fair – a unique twist on AJ’s quarterly safety meetings. Stations were set up with demonstrations on power-actuated tools; rolling and fixed scaffolds; fire extinguisher use; forklift, scissor and boom lifts; gas-powered tools; fall arrest and harness inspections, and a special session on shakeout of metal deck. The event reinforced everyone’s knowledge and appreciation of working safely.