Go Home Safe

We go far beyond your average specialty contractor when it comes to the safety of our employees and others who we share a job site with. Our Go Home Safe Program is built on the principle that every Anning-Johnson Company employee goes home healthy and injury free every day. Our commitment to a zero incident work environment has made us the “go to” contractor for general contractors and developers in all of our locations.

Key points and differentiators

Incident rates well below industry averages
30 hours of OSHA training mandatory for all Foremen
Weekly documented inspections on every job
Return-to-Work Program
Avetta and ConstructSecure Certified
California OSHA (Cal-OSHA) “Golden Gate” Program Qualified

Worry-free safety practices

Safety is a top priority and is a reason for our success. National safety directors serve as a resource to our offices and field so that everyone is well informed and prepared. Regular meetings are held by the executive safety committee and by Foremen to discuss safety topics. Our customers are never worried about Anning-Johnson Company on the jobsite. Our employees know that we don’t just talk about safety, we make it a part of the job every day.

Our numbers speak for themselves

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NCCI Experience Modification Factor
. 0
California Experience Modification Factor
. 0
Washington Experience Modification Factor
2022 Recordable Incident Rate
2022 DART Rate
. 0
2022 Lost Time Incident Rate

NORM JENKS, STSC. | Safety Director

SHAUN PLANTZ, CSP. | Corporate Safety Manager

MATTHEW GREENBLATT | Corporate Safety Coordinator

Map of Anning-Johnson coverage across the United States

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