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When you work with Anning-Johnson, you’ll get more than a construction service provider. You’ll get a partner who’s dedicated to completing your construction project in a cost-efficient, timely manner. We take pride in our fair and accurate estimates, quality work, and our commitment to safety. Most importantly, when you partner with Anning-Johnson, you can rest assured there will be no surprises.

Advantages of choosing Anning‑Johnson

Anning-Johnson offers a variety of construction services, including preconstruction, demolition services, interior walls and ceilings, exterior wall systems, metal decking and more. And while customers love our dedication to quality craftsmanship and safety, it’s the way we work that makes Anning-Johnson stand out.

Highly Adaptable Scheduling
We use lean planning methodologies to schedule all our construction projects and take on the most complex or time-sensitive challenges.
In-House Prefabrication
We preassemble components in-house to get jobs done faster, cut unnecessary costs, and deliver only the highest quality end products to our customers.
We leverage work from thousands of construction projects and the latest building practices to bring creative solutions to any type of construction project we take on.
Technology Enabled
We wholeheartedly adopt and integrate the latest advancements in construction technology into our daily operations. We leverage a wide array of digital tools and platforms, from job site tablets to specialized construction software, that empower our teams to work more efficiently, accurately, and safely.
Dedicated Building Information Modeling (BIM) Resources:
Our dedicated BIM capabilities allow us to reduce costs, problem solve anticipated building issues, and shorten schedules. We are equipped to meet the most advanced technological needs.

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