We look for great partners, not just customers

You will find comfort in our unwavering dedication to complete your project with fair and accurate estimates, quality work, the highest level of safety, and above all else, no surprises. Our key capabilities include:


  • Highly adaptable scheduling – responsive scalability using lean planning methodologies for the most complex or time sensitive challenges
  • Dedicated Building Information Modeling (BIM) resources – – from any job to any Anning-Johnson Company location, our internal BIM department is equipped to meet the most advanced technological needs
  • In-house pre-fabrication – getting jobs done faster, cheaper, and with higher quality
  • Value-engineering – leveraging work from thousands of construction projects and the latest building practices to bring creative solutions to any type of project
  • Technology enabled – from job site tablets to the latest construction software, we use the right tools to make us better and your job more successful