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Locations: Southern California

Experience and Commitment to Safety

With a rich history in the roofing industry, we have witnessed the evolution of roofing designs and materials. While advancements have occurred, our unwavering commitment to proper installation remains constant. Our team is dedicated to serving our customers with exceptional workmanship, adhering to industry best practices, and ensuring safe and precise installation techniques. As a recognized leader in construction safety training, we maintain a rigorous program that yields outstanding results.

Our Capabilities:

Note: Commercial Roofing Services available throughout California and surrounding states.

We possess extensive experience in implementing the latest roofing design trends, offering a comprehensive range of capabilities to meet your specific needs. Some of our specialties include:

Cool Roof Membranes:
Essential for green buildings, cool roof membranes are designed to reflect the sun’s heat, reducing heat absorption and emitting radiation back into the atmosphere. By incorporating cool roof technology, we enhance energy efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Waterproofing is a vital component of any roofing design. Our team utilizes flexible sheets made of high-quality materials such as roofing felt, bitumen, elastomer, or PVC. These sheets are expertly unrolled and bonded to the roof support, ensuring superior protection against water intrusion.

Pedestal Set Roof Pavers:
For a sleek and modern aesthetic, we install pedestal set roof pavers. These large-scale pavers, carefully placed on leveling pedestals, enhance walkways and outdoor spaces with their versatility in size and color. The result is a design flexibility that complements high-end outdoor environments.

Green Roofs:
Our expertise extends to the installation of green roofs, which consist of waterproofing membranes, a growing medium like soil, and plant life. Well-designed and properly maintained green roofs offer a multitude of benefits, including effective stormwater management, reduced building energy consumption, and longer lifespans compared to traditional roofs.

Our Work

We have successfully completed projects on various structures, including outdoor shopping centers, multifamily high rises, and university/college campuses. No matter the size, our team is equipped to handle projects ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000+ square feet. Our experience spans both small-scale and large-scale endeavors, ensuring that we can meet the unique demands of your commercial roofing needs.

    • Sarnafil Approved Applicator since 1982. Oldest running installer of Sarnafil on West Coast.
    • 17 Million square feet PVC Sarnafil Roof installed over 40 years
    • Carlisle installer since 1993. Multiple time winner of “Carlisle Perfection Applicator” award.
    • Elite Applicator of Sarnafil & Carlisle Single Ply roof systems

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